Trinity Tidings- Apr 21

Posted on: April 22nd, 2024 by Brad Peterson

April 21, 2024


Bring your household items and clothes to Trinity in April! Every Saturday in April, from 9 am till noon, we are collecting items as a fundraiser for the Women of Trinity.  All items should be clean and in good condition.  Place clothes and shoes in trash bags and all other items in boxes.

Men’s Band Worship, Sunday, May 5th, 9 am

Smelt Feed, Sunday, May 5th, 10am till 11:30 am. Smelt, Meatballs, Chips, Baked Beans, Garlic Bread, Dessert.  Free-will offering taken to benefit our Youth going to New Orleans for the National Youth Gathering. 

Calling all Men! We are looking for help with the Smelt Feed on May 5th.  See the sign-up in the Narthex.  We are also looking for some turkey fryers and oil as well. 

Graduate Recognition Sunday, May 19th.

Final Push to New Orleans! Help the Youth Gathering Youth in their final push to the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans! Use the sheet in your bulletin to donate and help feed and house our youth and put gas in the vans. Thank you for your support! See the thermometer in the Narthex for our progress towards our goal.

Lagers with the Lord May 20th, 6 pm at Buckshots.

Pastor Brad is going on sabbatical June 8th -July 9th . Please note that during this time he will be completely absent from the congregation and its ministry. He will not be returning calls, texts, or emails. If you need to have a baptism or wedding performed prior to his sabbatical or during the summer, please contact him ASAP to get it scheduled. You can find more information on his sabbatical in the Good News


 On Friday morning, I stepped on the scale to measure my weight fully expecting what number would show up.  I expected to be at the same weight I had been at for about the same month, maybe even a pound or two heavier.  I had good reason for this.  I had been to the doctor ten days prior who had told me to not be frustrated if I had a stall in my weight loss journey and that was to be expected, especially since a medication I was supposed to be on was out with a shortage and that sometimes you stall out for a little while.  Secondly, due to umpiring, sometimes I hadn’t been exercising as hard in the morning due to being pretty sore from some long games and late nights.  So imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale for the first time in five days and found that I was five pound LIGHTER!  I was so surprised, in fact, that I weighted myself again, just to be sure.  But it was true.  I was completely surprised.  It was a good surprise, but a surprise nonetheless.

  Sometimes we think we got it all figured out.  Sometimes we think we know exactly how something is going to go. All the evidence points to something happening only one way.  But then something surprising happens.  That surprise can be a good thing.  It can be a bad thing.  But the fact that the surprise happens at all can shake us up.  It can make us question and wonder.  But surprises are a part of life.  After all, God is often present in the surprises of life, good or bad. God is there to comfort when the surprises are bad and there to rejoice when the surprises are good.  But God often uses the surprise of life to remind us that God is faithful to us.  No matter what happens, God will be there.  No matter what curveballs come our way, God will be there. Loving you.  Saving you.  Forgiving you. 

  Surprises will come our way.  Some will be good.  Some will be bad.  But you are ready for them.  You are ready because God is by your side.  You are ready for whatever life throws at your because you are saved and redeemed by Jesus Christ and God is faithful and will be with you always.  For that we can say, “Thanks be to God!”