Trinity Tidings-Sept 10

Posted on: September 15th, 2023 by Brad Peterson

September 10, 2023


Sunday School starts back up Sunday, September 10th at 9:45 am.

Youth Mission Trip Presentation will be Sunday, September 10th at 9:45 am. Come see the amazing work our youth did in Colorado.

2024 ELCA Youth Gathering Informational Meeting: Sunday, September 10th, 10:15 am.  The Youth Gathering is in New Orleans July 15-21, 2024.  All current high school students can attend.

It’s back to school time!! The WOT will be collecting items for our local schools and for kits to go to Lutheran World Relief. There are two different boxes set out for collection so make sure you put yours in the box you want your items to go to. The bags you take off the pews are the ones that go to Lutheran World Relief and each bag has a printed copy of all items needed to fill that bag. There are copies of items needed for our local schools on the display table by the kitchen. Thank you for helping us help others!

Sign up to bring snacks for Crew and/or Sunday School.  Any and all are very much appreciated. Sign ups are on the table in the Narthex.

The Crew begins on Wednesday, September 20th, for all 3rd-6th graders from 3:30 pm till 5:00 pm.

Sunday, September 17th is Blessing of the Animals and Parking Lot worship. Bring a chair and your beloved pets.

We invite all teachers, school personnel, and day care workers to join us for worship on Sunday, September 24th, as we bless and honor their work.


  One of our favorite traditions here at Trinity is “Mission Madness.”  This month-long event is an opportunity for us to raise funds for our mission partners, which are organizations like Luther Park Bible Camp, WestCAP, Stepping Stones, the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin, and more.  We do this by you all giving money to our benevolences, or earmarking offerings to one of our organizational partners, and I do what I like to call “stupid stuff.” Over the years, I have worn too many Packers and Brewers things to remember, eaten most of the food I absolutely hate (though not ALL), grown beards, did the hula in a grass skirt, defeated Katie Wagner in a tricycle race and spaghetti eating contest, and been smashed in the face with pies and cupcakes, just to name a few of the things we have done.  The important part of all it is supporting our mission partners but doing so in a fun way. 

  For this year, I thought it might be fun to let YOU choose what “stupid stuff” I will do this year.  The below list is a combination of suggestions from my own brain, one of our high school youth, and my wife Amy.  I invite you to respond to this email with your choices by September 24th.  Mission Madness this year will start on October 1st and go through November 5th.  Thanks for voting and for supporting our Mission partners!  

Mission Madness 2023

Choose five from the following options:

____PB can’t wear any Star Wars clothing for two weeks.

____PB dresses as a clown one morning for crossing guard.

____PB cannot eat any BBQ for one month.

____PB takes a chocolate cake to the face.

____PB dresses as Packers fan or player for Halloween

____PB must lead his Pastor’s Conference meeting in the Packer poncho

____PB must eat a serving size of mayonnaise

____PB must grow a beard for a whole month

____PB gets pelted by water balloons after the Men’s Band concert in November.

____PB has to drink one cup of church coffee

____PB wears an inflatable dinosaur costume

____PB sings “I’m a Little Teapot” in front of the congregation.