Trinity Tidings- Aug 4

Posted on: August 7th, 2023 by Brad Peterson


Lunch & Pie Social Sunday, August 20th, from 10 am till 4pm! Sponsored by the Women of Trinity.  Come for great food, homemade pie, and a chance to join together in fellowship with this Trinity tradition!

WORKERS NEEDED FOR THE LUNCH & PIE SOCIAL  We need helpers of all genders and ages to serve this Trinity Tradition.  9 am till 11 on Saturday, August 19th.  Then on Sunday with shifts at 9 am, 10 am till Noon, Noon till 2pm, 2 pm till 4pm, and clean-up after 4 pm.  Can you give even an hour?  Every moment counts!  See the sign-up in the Narthex or call the church office at 715-643-3821 to sign-up!

Worship at Pafko Park on Sunday, August 13th, at 9 am.  Bring a chair to sit in.  Hot Dog lunch to follow worship. 

Monday Bible Study each Monday at 10 am.

Lagers with the Lord, Monday, August 14th, 6 pm at Buckshots.  All are welcome!

Don’t forget that you can support Trinity through the Vanco app OR using the donate form on our website.  Download the free app, search for Trinity Lutheran Boyceville, and go from there!


  Whenever we come back from a Mission Trip, people ask us what we did during our time in Denver.  And we did all sorts of things.  We cleaned out yards and filled dumpsters for homeowners.  We painted houses and organized in a thrift store.  We put together food boxes at the Salvation Army and cut up handouts and shredded paper.  We even counted towels and washcloths!  In other words, we did a huge range of stuff.  We did what was asked and what was needed by the organizations we were working for, for service isn’t what we want to do, service is about filling a need that others want us to do.  Our kids were awesome no matter what they were asked to do and you should be incredibly proud of them. 

   I have no doubt I’ll write more about the trip in later weeks, but as I sit here on a Friday morning, I was reminded again about some of the small stuff that we did.  That shredding of paper, or helping our Youthworks staff get stuff packed up as this was their last week in Denver.  It might not have been what many of our kids thought about when they signed up for the Mission Trip, but it was the mission that needed to be done.  And I’m also sitting here thinking about how the Mission Trip is not a summer trip we take with our youth, our Mission Trip is every single day, right here in our own community and area and right here in our own church.  For we are disciples of Jesus Christ, called to be servants. Yet we often don’t think of our own place as a mission site.

  But it is.  Our community, our church, is its own mission field.  We are called to serve in whatever way we can in the needs that arise.  It can be volunteering at many of our own organizations, like WestCAP or Stepping Stones or United Way.  It can helping out at the schools or coaching youth sports or supporting the efforts of our area through donations.  This is all mission work and it is needed and important. 

  It can also be with sign-up for something that church.  To give that hour or two to make sure the people of our community enjoy a great piece of pie and a good meal during our Lunch & Pie Social.  To help out a few Sundays with Sunday school or sign-up to provide snacks for Crew or even come to lend a helping hand.  It can be to make communion bread or donate flowers or coming over to pull some weeds from around the church.  Our mission field is right here in front of us.  You don’t have to drive 2,000 miles to get there.  It is right here. 

  My prayer is that you might take a page from our youth and be willing to give a bit of yourself for the mission that lies before you.  To call the church office or right your name down to help at the Lunch & Pie Social.  To donate funds to help a cause or support an organization.  To not look at the busyness of your schedule and how you couldn’t possibly do something but rather see it as an opportunity to experience something new, to give something back, to connect with others in a different way.  To serve your Lord and Savior, a Lord and Savior who loves you and has saved you and to connect with your faith in a new way.

  For that is the secret sauce of a Mission Trip, my friends.  It isn’t in the doing.  It is in the CONNECTING.  That is why our youth go and come back.  It isn’t what they did, it is who they meet.  It is the deeper relationships they form with each other and the deeper connection they make with the God who loves and has saved them.  It is about realizing that even the smallest thing makes the biggest difference to someone else and to the world at large. 

   Thank you for supporting our youth.  And I thank you in advance for the way you will answer God’s call to serve, to connect, to being the hands and feet of God in the world.  May the Lord bless you today and always!