Trinity Tidings- April 2

Posted on: April 3rd, 2023 by Brad Peterson


Palm Sunday Y0uth Service, TODAY, April 2nd, 9 am.

Maundy Thursday Worship, April 6, 6:30 pm.

Good Friday Worship, April 7th, Noon & 6:30 pm.

Easter Sunday Worship, April 9th, 6:30 am and 9:00 am.

Easter Breakfast served by Confirmation Youth, April 9, 7:30 am  French Toast, Sausage, Fresh Fruit, Pastries, Beverage, Free-will offering taken.

No Worship this Wednesday

Lagers with the Lord Monday, April 10th,  6:00 pm at Buckshot’s.  Join us for some time of Bible study and faith conversation.  All are welcome!

Luther Park is looking for summer staff!  They are looking for college age youth to serve as counselors and other staff.  Go to for an application and more information. 

Bring your household items and clothes to Trinity in April  Every Saturday in April, from 9 am till Noon, we are collecting items as a fundraiser for the Women of Trinity.  All items should be clean and in good condition.  Place clothes and shoes in a trash bag and all other items in boxes. Thank you for supporting the Women of Trinity!

Crew is on April 19th at 3:30 pm for all for all 3rd-6th graders! It will be the last Crew till September!  Crew will sing in church at worship at 6:30 pm

Spaghetti Meal, April 19th, 5:15 pm till 6:30 pm.

Don’t forget that you can support Trinity through the Vanco app OR using the donate form on our website.  Download the free app, search for Trinity Lutheran Boyceville, and go from there!


  Thursday was opening day of the Major League Baseball season, a day I always enjoy, and I was listening to the Cubs face the Brewers at Wrigley Field (a 4-0 Cubs win, fyi.  Might be our only one of the year), when the top of the 7th inning ended. You know what that means: 7th inning stretch time and the singing of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”  I was in my car at the corner (it was crossing guard time), as a soon to be inducted into the Hall of Fame Cubs broadcaster Pat Hughes led the singing, I sang along too.  Loud.  Joyful.  Beautiful.

  And then something weird happened.  I got teary eyed.  That’s right.  I had a few small tears run down my cheek.  Why was I so emotional?  Yes, I have a very emotional connection to my Cubs, but it normally comes out when I’m at Wrigley Field, not at the corner of Nordveien Dr. & Highway 79.  What was going on?

   And then I thought about it.  Thought about it some more.  Still thinking as the game ended (Cubs win!  Holy Cow!).  Then it came to me.  Opening Day has always been associated with the new.  With hope.  As they even said on the broadcast, when the season starts, your team is always in first place.  There is promise at the start of a baseball season, of endless possibilities, of hope, hope that this will be the year your team wins it all.  It is a new beginning.

  At the end of this week, it is Easter Sunday.  Also a day of hope, of possibility, of the new beginning that is given us every day through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who has freed us from sin and death.  Because Jesus lives, we live.  Because Jesus lives, we have hope.  Because Jesus lives, we rest our lives on the promise of eternal life.  Because Jesus lives, we wake up every day knowing that we are loved, forgiven, saved, and with a new beginning. 

  So that is why I teared up.  I remembered the joy of possibility.  The joy of hope.  A hope needed as a world hurts from violence, torn apart my political strife, devasted by natural disaster, crushed by suffering.  But it is not defeated because Christ is victorious over sin and death by his resurrection from the dead.  We need a new beginning, a new hope (Star Wars reference!), a new joy.  And we have it in Jesus Christ and the blessings we receive every day, both the big and the small.  Even the joy of a baseball game.

  Happy Easter and may God bless you today and always!    


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