Trinity Tidings- May 15th

Posted on: May 16th, 2022 by Brad Peterson


Men’s Band Concert, Sunday, May 22nd, 9 am.

Simply Giving Mania!  From May 1st till June 5th, if you join our automated giving program Simply Giving or increase your current Simply Giving by $5 a month, you will get entered into a drawing to win four tickets.  What tickets?  YOUR CHOICE!  Choices are: Brewers-Twins game at Target Field, an event at the Pablo Center in Eau Claire, or an event at the Mabel Tainter in Menomonie.  Pick up a form on the round table in the Narthex or included in this Good News. 

Vacation Bible School! Sign-up today for VBS on June 13-17th, 9 am till 12:00 pm every day for ages 4-6th grade.  Cost is $10 per student. 

VBS Help Needed:  Luther Park will not be running VBS for this year.  We need help with setting up crafts and helping to watch kids.  Please talk to PB or Katie if you can help. 

VBS Snacks Needed:  Sign-up in the Narthex to provide snacks for Vacation Bible School in June.

Graduate Recognition Sunday May 22nd at 9 am.

Women of Trinity Summer Gathering, June 2nd, 6 pm.  All women are invited to attend this annual event!  Gather with other women for a meal, fellowship, and fun!  Sign-up in the Narthex so we can have a good count for food.

Summer Fellowship  We need fellowship servers starting on June 12th.  Please see the sign-up sheet in the Narthex to serve!

Summer Cake Walk  The Women of Trinity take over the Cake Walk in the summer to help fund their ministries!  See the sign-up on the table in the Narthex!

Don’t forget that you can support Trinity through the Vanco app OR using the donate form on our website.  Download the free app, search for Trinity Lutheran Boyceville, and go from there!


As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. Colossians 3:12

  I don’t know what you all do, but I tend to take some time and set out the clothes I’m going to wear about three or four days in advance.  This is a big change, for when I was a kid through even seminary, I tended to just pick the cleanest thing I could find as my style could be described as “sports shirt with jeans or shorts and if it was cold I would grab a sweatshirt.”  I was super stylish.

  But now, there are a lot more things to consider.  What will be going on that day?  Do I have to umpire that night, so I need to have stuff ready for that?  Will I be golfing that day or doing a visit?  What if we are going to be moving stuff around the church?  Do I need an extra t-shirt for working out in that morning?  Do I need to have clerics ready for a funeral or other event?  This is one of the reasons why I set stuff out a few days in advance, mostly to make sure I have the actual clothes I need clean and ready for whatever is going to be happening on those days.

   Here in the reading from above from Colossians, Paul reminds us that we have some new clothes to put on.  Having been loved, saved, and renewed by the grace of God in Jesus Christ, we don’t put on the same clothes we did before.  We are now holy and beloved by God, made that way not by what we have done, but by what Jesus Christ has done for us.  And so we have new clothes to put on.  Clothes like kindness, compassion, humility, meekness, and patience.  These are the clothes we are given to wear out into the world, to show the world the power of God’s love in Jesus Christ.  These are the clothes you are given to effect change in the world.

   Have you ever thought about putting on these clothes?  About intentionally approaching your day with these attributes? Facing a day that you know might be challenging at work with patience?  Thinking about wearing kindness as you deal with a family situation?  Putting on compassion as you use your gifts for the sake of your neighbor?  God in Jesus Christ gives us new clothes to wear, clothes that prepare us for every situation, clothes that speak volumes to the world about what it means to follow Jesus Christ. 

  So as you plan your week and you pick out the clothes you will wear on your body, think about the clothes given to you in Jesus Christ. Put on compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.  Live by the clothes you have been given, clothes given to you by a Savior who gave his life for yours, has forgiven your sin, make you new, and will one day bring you to eternal life.  May God be with you today and always!


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