Posted on: February 19th, 2018 by Brad Peterson

Lent is upon us on Wednesday and many people have traditions during Lent.  Some people give up stuff, some take up stuff.  I’ve always been a taking something up person as I tend to not feel closer to God NOT doing something.  This year my goal is to work out for 30 minutes every day during Lent and to, per my personal tradition, read Martin Luther’s “Freedom of a Christian.”  I also really enjoy all the meals we have at Trinity during Lent for it is a great way to be strengthened in faith through conversations with each other.

Lent is a chance to reflect and deepen our faith.  It can happen through worship, prayer, giving generously, repentance, and a lot more.  This journey is a personal one and I believe that there is no right or wrong way to approach.  Many love our Holden Evening Prayer service, to be a part of a different worship experience and witness the talent of our young people who lead it.  Coming to that service is enough.  Some give up things like chocolate, alcohol, red meat, or pork or a hundred other things.  Some take up things, like extra prayer, new Bible readings, or a thousand other things (like watch all the Star Wars movies!).  Whatever it is, it should be something that fulfills you and affects your faith in a positive way.

I’m going to work out every day because I know that part of my stewardship is stewardship of my body, which is something I’m not good at maintaining. I’m hoping that by doing this not only will I feel better physically, but emotionally as well and that I have a more positive attitude towards myself.

May the Lord be with you on this journey of Lent.  I hope to see you in worship on Sunday or Wednesday and to hear about what you are doing to strengthen and deepen your faith.  May God bless you this week and always!