Tide To Go

Posted on: March 12th, 2017 by Brad Peterson

I have an amazing talent.  It is something you might not know about and it was in full display during my quick trip with Amy to Walt Disney World this past weekend.  My talent is this: I am GREAT at spilling on myself.  It is talent, a gift if you will.  I spilled on myself and stained my shirt every single day we were there.  Every single day.  On our last day, I even did it three seconds into our breakfast.  I know, you are amazed.  You should be.

But here is the thing: there is this great product called “Tide to Go.”  This little magic wand ERASES the stain for me.  My attempt to destroy a shirt, most especially a new shirt, is thwarted because of “Tide to Go.”  It makes my mistakes disappear and allows me to continue to wear the shirt until I spill on it again and then I can use the “Tide to Go” again!  Despite my messiness, I can continue to use that shirt despite my messiness.

It makes me think of Jesus’ forgiveness of our sin.  We sin and mess up, spilling all over ourselves, and Jesus, through his death and resurrection on the cross, erases that sin like a “Tide to Go” pen.  It is gone.  It is like it never existed.  The forgiveness of Jesus Christ allows us to move forward, to live boldly knowing that though we dirty ourselves with sin, we are made new through the work of Jesus Christ.  Our sins are erased, replaced with the grace and righteousness of Jesus, our Messiah and Savior. Even better, no matter where we go, Jesus goes with us.  We don’t have to remember to pack him, like I do with “Tide to Go.”  Christ is with us always, forgiving and loving us.  For that we can say, “Thanks be to God!”