Kindness and Generosity

Posted on: November 2nd, 2016 by Brad Peterson

Earlier in this “Trinity Tidings” you saw a thank you to Bill & Eloise Knutson for giving candy to be used for the children’s sermon. Bill & Eloise donate candy a few times a year and it is always appreciated. But this time, when they brought it into the office, Eloise had a story to tell me.

When they got the candy, there picked it up at Aldi’s. As they were in line, there was a woman in line with them. They were making small talk and the woman asked Eloise if the candy was for Halloween, as she had some candy in her cart. Eloise explained that it was for the church and the children’s sermon. She told the woman how, at the end of the children’s sermon, I give two pieces of candy to the kids, one for them to have and one to share with someone else (my way of trying to teach them giving and stewardship).

As Bill and Eloise got their stuff ready to go, the woman took her own candy bag and opened it, giving half of it to Bill and Eloise, telling them to give it to the church for the children’s sermon. Bill and Eloise didn’t know this person at all. They had no connection to Trinity whatsoever. But here, in Aldi’s, was kindness at work.

This story is a great reminder that there is kindness and generosity in the world and when we share what God is doing in our lives, it can move people in a positive manner. Bill and Eloise were just sharing a small moment in the life of our church. The response to that sharing was generosity.

It is the small moments of life, small times of generosity and kindness, that reminds us that the Holy Spirit is at work in the world. They show us that love is at work, that people are moved by the work of Jesus Christ in our midst, and that sharing a bit of your faith with a stranger can make a difference. I know that Eloise was very moved by that act of kindness and I have been moved not only by her telling it, but her reaction to it.

May we model the same kindness and generosity that was being done in that checkout lane at Aldi’s. And may we give thanks for the generous blessings that we receive from our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.