Posted on: April 21st, 2015 by Brad Peterson

The other day I was playing golf with a friend (this was before it went to being winter-like) and though it was a beautiful day, it was really windy. Sometimes the wind was a help, either keeping a ball in play or helping it to fly farther than it normally would go. But then, sometimes it helped make a bad shot worse or made a hole much longer as it needed to be.

It reminded me of life. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it goes bad. Sometimes you hit a good shot, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes the wind pushes your ball the right way or the wrong way. But what I thought about was that no matter where the wind pushed, my friend was still with me. Rejoicing when it was going well, suffering when it wasn’t, walking besides me.

Our Savior Jesus Christ walks with us every day. In the good and the bad, Christ is there. He is there to rejoice with us and to cry with us. He is there to give us a high five when things go well and a supportive hug when we need comfort. No matter how we play in life or how the game goes, we always have a friend with us.