Posted on: June 8th, 2014 by Brad Peterson

On Saturday morning, Amy and I went and planted our flowers for the year.  We planted some herbs as well as a hibiscus bush as well.  Over here at the church, Del Boley’s family were here planting our church garden in memory of the late Steve Boley.  I know that many of you over the past weeks have been planting your gardens, your flowers, getting everything ready for the summer months.

Planting flowers and gardens is always an exercise in hope.  We hope our vegetables grow and produce, we hope our flowers bloom fully, we hope that our garden ends up as we hope it will be.  We are planting seeds and hoping that things will grow.

The same is true in the church.  In the church, we are planting seeds of faith and we are hoping that faith grows in people’s hearts.  We had a baptism Sunday and hopefully, over time, the baby will grow in faith and be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  We not only plant seeds in our youth, but in our adults as well.  We hope that not only will that planted seed produce faith, but produce the fruits of faith.  We hope that the disciples of Jesus Christ will use their gifts for the sake of this ministry and for love of the neighbor.

In the past two weeks we have lost two great seed planters in Joyce Hopkins and Lois Oakland.  These two great women not only used their own gifts to plant seeds of faith but they helped to nurture the faith of others.  We are blessed with people at Trinity who also nurture those planted seeds, using their gifts to inspire others.

My hope for you is that as you spend lots of time watering, weeding, and nurturing the plants and flowers of your garden is that you will remember to not only nurture your own faith through prayer, worship, and service, but I hope that you will help to nurture faith in others, to keep planting seeds.  I’m thankful for all the people in my life who not only planted the seed of faith but continue to nurture it.  May God continue to bless us as we plant the seeds of faith in the world and may the Holy Spirit grow those seeds into beautiful flowers of faith.