Lent Theme 2014

Posted on: March 3rd, 2014 by Brad Peterson

It is always amazing to me what happens when I haven’t played my ukulele in a bit.  It might just be a week, or maybe even a couple; but the first time I pick it back up after a layover I find it really hard to play like I should be able to. I don’t hit the chords just right, my hands hurt, and I even forget some of the chords. It doesn’t take long before I get out of shape and need to be renewed.

  The same is true for our faith. When we are not practicing our faith; when we are not keeping our FAITH ALIVE; it grows stale, cold, out-of-shape. Lent is a time to make our FAITH ALIVE, to be renewed in our faith and think about ways we can live out our faith every day so that it remains strong and vibrant.

  We start with ASH WEDNESDAY, where we come forward to not only acknowledge our sinfulness, but to receive God’s forgiveness in Jesus Christ and to be reminded that in our baptism we are always children of God. We will then move to THE BIBLE, the place where we hear of God’s promises for us and to know that Jesus loves us and is there for us.

   Next we will explore WORSHIP, the place where we receive God’s grace through the sacraments and hear and give thanks for the salvation won for us by Christ on the cross. Then we will talk about PRAYER, the tool given to us so that we can communicate with God who wants to be in relationship with us. These are all focused on us as individuals and how our individual faith is renewed by the Holy Spirit.

   But our last two weeks, HOSPITALITY and SERVICE, we will take a turn and look at how by living out our faith in the world not only encourages others but also renews our own faith. These two weeks remind us that we are not alone on our faith journey and that Jesus calls us to live our faith every day and that by living it out, we strengthen it at the same time.

   Besides exploring these topics, we will gather together in fellowship at Lent suppers and enjoy moving-worship through Holden Evening Prayer led by the Youth Choir and Men’s Choir.

   Lent is an opportunity to make our FAITH ALIVE! I hope to see you on Wednesday nights and may the Holy Spirit renew us in faith every day.